Kristol Jones relocated to the Seattle area in 1994 where she spent nearly two years in trade show display design. While her sketch book was never far from hand, her focus was shifted from fine arts to sales and then on to real estate where she spent a decade as an appraiser. To keep some creativity in her life, Kristol opened an online t-shirt business where her designs have been sold internationally. Recent life events have returned Kristol to her roots in art. She is keenly motivated to get back on a creative track; having closed her appraisal firm in February of 2009. She has been focusing time and effort painting, sculpting and ‘playing’ with glass. Her primary life focus has been redirected from ‘professional’ success to personal and family with a renewed commitment to trusting her instincts in every facet of her life. Kristol’s first gallery show was entitled Crossection and was installed from April 20-25 1993 in the University of California Irvine Art Gallery. The show was well received by the community and received considerable positive critiques. Kristol participated with numerous other installations while a student at UC Irvine and was instrumental in coordinating and developing an undergraduate gallery. Since returning to art in 2009, Kristol has exhibited in numerous shows around Western Washington.
Artist Statement:I have walked a path that many artists walk and my story is not unique. I spent years suppressing my art while trying to conform to perceived expectations of me and fit into the mold of a ‘business professional’. In the process, I lost myself, my sense of purpose and my passion for life. A family tragedy forced me to re-examine my place in the world. Rediscovering art has been my saving grace. Returning to work as a productive multi-media artist has heralded a return to my spirit and my family. I have reinvested in my art and in doing so, have reinvested in myself. My style, themes and my own appreciation for my work has changed greatly over the years. While my work has always been an outlet for investigations of texture and color, my current works reflect a great deal of healing and the discovery of an amazing peace which I never felt in my earlier years.

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