As some of you know, I’d planned for the past three summers to participate in the Bubble Run when it came back to town. The Bubble Run is a 5K where the participants pass through colorful bogs of bubbles.  I’ve always wanted to try a 5K, but didn’t want to start with a really serious one and I’d heard the Bubble Run lent itself to walking, skipping and twirling for those less inclined to run the entire way.

Three summers ago, I managed to break two toes in three places a month before the event and was medically disqualified from participating.  Last summer, exactly one year to the week after I’d broken the toes, I had an emergency appendectomy and was again medically disqualified from participating in the Bubble Run.  Obviously, I was nervous about signing up this year.  I like to think in light of my history that my blog-silence was predictable.  This year, however, it all came together JUST RIGHT!

Twenty-two (and the number two in general) has always been a big number in my world.  My birthday is 4/22.  My twins were born on 5/22.  My Mother-in-law’s b-day is 3/22.  I lived in apartment #202 when I met my husband.  there are lots of other variations of 2×2 that crop up throughout my history, but you get the idea.  This year, Bubble Run fell on August 22nd.  All is right with the world!

20150822_092210 20150822_095053 20150822_095142 20150822_095311 20150822_100710 20150822_100924 20150822_102137 20150822_102405 20150822_090031 20150822_092213 20150822_092226 20150822_093618 20150822_093650 20150822_095046 20150822_095119 20150822_095139 20150822_100911 It's not how you start, it's how you finish!


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