It is so easy to get caught up in the day, the work trauma, the friend drama, the money (or lack thereof) challenges!  All of those traumas, dramas and challenges are, like time, fleeting.  As a parent of a pair of kiddlets who are about to turn ten, I am increasingly aware that my time with them under my roof and under my ‘control’ is more than half way over.  I blinked.

Just a few short years ago, my husband and I bought our first house.  We’d been married for a few years and were both working for companies that kept us pretty busy.  Blinked again.

After remodeling the tiny house we’d purchased, starting our own businesses (yes, both of us) and getting mostly out of debt, we thought we’d try for a baby.  Six weeks later, we were pregnant with twins.  The pregnancy was a blur… I was too busy working (appraisers in 2003 had no time to rest, let alone be pregnant) to do more than keep our doctor appointments.  I do remember hitting the second trimester right around Christmas.  Christmas day was the first day since I realized I was pregnant that I didn’t feel nauseous. I still consider it a Christmas Miracle. Never got around to blinking…was too busy.

Boom!  Babies!  They came. They stayed in the NICU for a bit (o.k., one was there for a bit and the other for 12 days).  All I really remember of that first year was how tired we were and how hard it was to get my work done!  I remember feeling torn between work which had been my constant companion for the seven years before babies and babies themselves.  It was so odd…the pull they had on me. I worked like a crazy person, but was constantly thinking about them…wondering if they’d had another ‘first’ while I was out on an inspection.  And then…suddenly, they were walking.  Blinked again…

Life intercepted. Work ended.  Toddlers gave way to little kids with big vocabularies.  Preschool came and went, and there we were, bus stalking (following a few car links behind the school bus) on their first day of kindergarten.  Blink…

We’re half way through fourth grade.  Our babies look and feel like ‘big kids’.  We realized on their ninth birthday that they were officially half way to leaving us for college.  Our time with them HERE…time to snuggle, hug, laugh, cry, giggle, dance and show them how much we love them, how grateful we are that they were placed in our care, to learn about ourselves through them…THAT time is more than half way over.


Don’t Blink.


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