It really irks me that in all the Sherman-gate articles, news, etc, nobody seems to do more than portray Crabtree as a victim of the rant. The fact of the matter is, it was Crabtree’s BAD BEHAVIOR that set Richard Sherman off! The video footage is played ad nauseam of Sherman offering his hand for a post game handshake and Crabtree grabbing Richard Sherman by the face guard of his helmet and pushing him away. Just because nobody rushed to interview Crabtree after the game doesn’t make him an innocent. Pretending you didn’t see that altercation and writing off Sherman as an ass says much more about YOU than it ever will about him.  

Here’s a thought: Rather than just follow the rest of the flock, if ‘your’ team didn’t make it to this weeks Super Bowl, why waste your money on jerseys and other memorabilia for a team you won’t give a rip about when the new season rolls around in the fall? It really only proves you’re nothing more than a fair-weather-fan.  Instead, spend that money on an adventure with family or friends (or a more shocking idea: SAVE IT in your NFL fund for when your team DOES make it).

When Sunday rolls around, throw your Super Bowl party or go to your friends’ and root for what is sure to be an awesome game!  

Lastly, stop acting like a spoilsport or a jerk toward your friends who ARE genuine fans of either team that did make it to the Big Game. Fans wear their hearts on their sleeves, and you’re bitter or bratty rants are sour grapes.


GO SEAHAWKS!!!ImageImage


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