“Don’t quit your day job”.  “Don’t quit your job unless you have already been hired somewhere else”.  “Don’t quit your job unless you have a solid business plan and at least six months expenses in your savings account”.  Is it just me or do each of those sentences seem like big stop signs at the intersection of happiness and misery? 

I have been told each of those sentences more times than I can count by multiple people and each time I believed I was getting sound advice. The problem with the advice as it was given is that those people giving it weren’t happy with their own trajectories (work, personal and long-term plans).  In retrospect, I have to wonder why I listened to the advice in the first place.  

It is human nature to want to give advice.  It’s human ego that gives us the tendency to presume we are each authorities on a multitude of subjects when, in fact, few of us ‘specialize’ in multiple careers, hobbies or other areas that would gain us the distinction of ‘experts’ worthy of taking up a vulnerable person’s time as we try to guide them through life’s more challenging obstacles. 

My father is a good but crass man.  He has been quoted with the old but disturbing adage “Opinions are like A**holes…everybody has one and everybody things theirs doesn’t stink”.

Here are a few adages to which I DO subscribe:

1) Don’t take financial advice from BROKE PEOPLE

2) Don’t take relationship advice from anyone who hasn’t been in a GOOD one for at least ten years

3) Don’t take life or career advice from an unhappy person. If one is managing his happiness with chemical happy pills, chances are, they’re not doing what they should be with their lives.  

What I believe it all boils down to is this:  Find your passion and GO FOR IT.  

I’ve seen that idea at work in the lives of friends and loved ones, and I believe there really is something to it.  Find your passion and the rest of your life will fall into place.  




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