I am not an outwardly argumentative person by nature.  I have fairly good morals.  I have a pretty good grasp of right and wrong.  I accept that people often have views contrary to mine, and I don’t typically feel the need to try and change their views.  As an adult, I have the right to my opinions. Heck, I even have the ‘right’ to be wrong from time to time and am prone to owning it when I am.  Those who don’t believe that about me clearly haven’t been close to me in years.  

I have a professional history that required a great deal of research and that has trickled down into other areas of my life.  Like most, there are things I am passionate about and things that I don’t believe merit the expenditure of my energy.  One can bet that if I’m passionate about something, I’ve looked further into it than just the ‘news-bits’ and sound bytes one gets off of their Facebook newsfeed.  I take a skeptical approach to information I find and try and find a few verifiable sources before I consider championing any causes.  Causes especially close to my heart include Suicide Prevention, Domestic Violence Awareness, Financial Responsibility and Child Advocacy top my list.  

I do NOT go onto message boards, chat sites or personal Facebook pages to post my non-personal opinions.  I don’t rail against friends or family who feel differently about issues than I, nor do I go onto THEIR Facebook ‘walls’ to give my take on things they feel passionately about if my opinion varies.  Facebook is an outlet, and I don’t consider an individuals page the right forum in which to champion my own cause.  It’s a beautiful thing that so many of us have a variety of opinions and are not afraid to put them out there into the world.  What I find less beautiful is the trend on my own Facebook page recently of ‘friends’ arguing for the sake of argument.  

There is a great article by JOHN VESPASIAN entitled DO NOT ENGAGE IN POINTLESS DEBATES

In it are two of my favorite points in which I take heart:

Avoiding pointless discussions is not an endorsement of nonsense. Staying out of useless debates does not evade logic nor supports mistakes. On the contrary, your keeping away from irrationality is an essential aspect of your right to act according to your own rational interests.


Don’t waste time debating with people who are not listening. Silly ideas and unrealistic projects always fall apart on their own. Never engage in heated disputes where your opinion is not going make any difference. Choose the path of reason and let the foolish go their own way.

Form your opinions.  Champion those dearest to you and for the LOVE OF GOD…let me have mine without you getting in my face with all the reasons YOU believe my opinions are wrong.


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