Don’t cringe…I’m not an ‘activist’ in politics and don’t really follow too closely most of the year.  I DO research candidates online and seldom even look at their websites or pages as those only tell you what they want you to know.  I once followed much more closely and even had some passion for the process back when I was in college.  I know…lots of people find their political passion in college. Like most who become apathetic, I felt my passion die among the barrage of negative campaign ads, scandalous scandals and overwhelmingly inept elected officials that have been perpetually paraded in front of the American People over the past twenty-five years of my political awareness.

Here’s what I’m stuck on amid all the fabulous government shut-down fall out:


Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc.  Without the gross machines that ARE the parties, political campaigns couldn’t be funded on the scale they are these days.  I get that.  Would that be such a bad thing?  Imagine politicians able to retain their political passion for changing the world!  Imagine politicians actually being able to represent those who elected them to REPRESENT THE PEOPLE!  What a concept!

I believe the Elephant is an appropriate symbol for the MAMOTH influence the Republican PARTY has over the people it is supposed to represent.

I also believe the Ass is an appropriate symbol for the Democratic PARTY for the overwhelming need it’s PARTY has for perpetuating ‘political correctness and championing all social extremes.

While I understand the Tea Party reference to an historic Boston event, I suspect we’d all like to see that PARTY sit down and enjoy some tea while the rest of the nation gets back to work.

I believe the very nature of declaring political allegiance is divisive.  It seems the only entities that benefit from those declarations are Big Business and their lobbyists all of whom make their money by swaying the government to bend to their will to the determent of the American People.

So, how about it?  Let’s wipe the slate clean and end political ‘parties’ for good.  When a new one tries to form (and there will always be a desire by some to unite to gain greater power), we can stop it in its tracks by removing those politicians from office.  If they’re focused on a greater lion’s share of power, they are clearly no longer focused on the PEOPLE they were hired to represent.  I believe in We The People.  I LOVE being an American in the ideological sense, but OUR government that is supposed to represent us has so lost its way that the branches are unwilling to work together for the good of the people it serves.  We allowed it to become broken, but we DO have the POWER to fix it.  We the people.  WE.


I know someone out there will be just itching to school me on the historical and Wiki-look-up-able reasons behind my questions.  I KNOW several ‘someones’ who won’t be able to help themselves from contributing their one-sided and biased ‘reasons’ to my dissertation, but understand that that’s not about me. It’s about the ‘someones’.  The historical facts won’t change my opinion, so please save your breath (and your poor fingers that are already suffering from the other diatribes you feel compelled to rant over).  It’s your style. I respect you for having passion about something.  I simply keep my passions out of politics and put that energy to better use for me.

Thus endeth my token political-based blog.  I wouldn’t expect many more from me in the next decade on the topic of politics. I’m a lover, not a hater.  Now back to your day, already in progress.


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