There is a shop not too far from where we live that has all sorts of text signs/wall decor.  Most of them convey attitude, and all of them are at least kind-of funny.  The shop is a butcher shop called DD Meats and they boast the largest selection of BBQ sauces and hot sauces in the area.  They also carry some gifts such as t-shirts, bacon-print wallets and other odds-n-ends.  One day, while stuck in my own head and obsessing yet again over something I can do NOTHING about, I went into the shop to pick up something for dinner.  As I stared blankly into the meat case in front of me, I heard a vivacious blonde behind the counter holler out “Can I get a HELL YEAH?”.  The rest of the place erupted in a chorus of “HELL YEAH!!!”, and I snapped out of my distracted place, laughing.  The blonde winked at me and then helped me with my order.  We chit-chatted a bit, and as I left, I realized she’d snapped me out of my mental OCD-du jour…and she’d done it on purpose.  

I am one of THOSE people too.  Perhaps it’s a Super Hero complex, but I have a tendency to swoop in when someone is showing signs of distress and I try to help get them back on track.  That’s what the woman at the butcher shop did for me, and she did it so simply.  I am by nature an over-thinker, and redirecting simply hadn’t come easily to me for years.  It really comes down to letting go and trusting one’s instincts.  Will they be right 100% of the time? Of course not!  But I’m more apt to move in the ‘right’ direction and FORWARD if I act on my instincts rather than obsessing over all the possible scenarios and potential outcomes.  I am not crippled by possibilities.  I’m ignited by them.

Now, can I get a HELL YEAH?



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