I like to think that I, by nature, am not particularly snarky.  I like to THINK that, but I know better.  There are some subtle hints that help me to know better.  There are radio ads I hear that the devil on my shoulder seems destined to respond to:

Sad sap on the radio: “Traffic brought to you by… [the Shane Company, PUD or some other sad company that had the misfortune of thinking that sponsoring traffic reports will earn them favor with the ‘little’ people]”

Me: “They’re responsible for the traffic?!?  See if I’d EVER support their business again! JERKS!!!”

Announcer on TV: “Stay tuned! The NEWS is next!”

Me: “Don’t tell me what to do!  I’ll turn the TV OFF before I let you dictate what I watch!”

Kids: “Mom! We want that awesome roast you cooked for dinner last night again tonight”

Me: “…”  Is it just me or do I taste blood from biting my own tongue?  Seeing darkness…clearly blacking out.

The Devil on my Shoulder is no match for the two little people who gently guide me through my days (and this summer in particular).

The Husband in my Bed seems to have some say in all matters too.

DARN!  What ever happened to the independent Woman I thought I’d become?!?

Oh…I know what happened to her.  She is still working on herself.  She is more centered than she’s been in a very long time.  She is still appropriately snarky when situations present themselves in a timely manner (radio DJ says “Be Caller # 20” and I say “YES!”) or someone under-performs a standard in a service industry and the Devil on my Shoulder gets free range (modified appropriately if my kids are present).  She is neither gone nor forgotten.  She is still making her case to a slightly more mature audience and, on more cases than she’d expected, she gets her way.Image


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