We unplugged our home phone several months ago as no body we KNOW calls us on it.  Sure, we could disconnect it, but we’ve had the same number since spring of 1999, and we’re rather attached to it.  For the most part, the only calls that come are from people seeking money, some legitimately owed, but mostly those just seeking a hand out.

Feeling somewhat bold, charged with the overwhelming sensation of being the angry man yelling at the sea, I opted to plug the phone back in this morning.  Early this evening, it started to ring again.  Predictably at dinner time, and yes, it was a call representing the mega-bank that bought our mortgage several years ago now.  My hubby, picking up on my ‘do-your-worst’ attitude, answered the call and was, impressively, calm, cool and collected.  He is a rock-star!

An hour later, at ten minutes to nine, the phone rang again.  My husband works a very early shift and had gone to bed right after that first call.  I answered the phone to hear ‘This is the Navajo Nation calling. May I speak with Mike Jones?”. I replied that if they truly wanted to speak with him, they would have called considerably earlier in the evening, not at almost nine o’clock.

She persisted: “I’m sorry to be calling so late Mrs. Jones, but I need a moment of your time to talk with you about the immediate needs of the people of the Navajo Nation”.


Yes…I flipped out. I said to her, “I’m sure this will be a surprise, but our home is in foreclosure, I got injured on my job a year and a half ago and am still battling with both the pain and the residual unemployment. We have mounting medical bills with no means of paying them AND we’re not even sure how we’re going to make ends meet to provide a secure home for our kids, but heck, you want to talk with ME about the NEEDS of the NAVAJO NATION?!?  Sure, Sweetie…Let’s TALK!”

She was silent for a moment.  Then she said she was so sorry for whatever we’re going through and she would pray for us. Then she hung up.


So…that’s the key in getting rid of unwanted phone calls…just out-pathetic them with your reality.  So glad our trials can bring us some relief!   They have to be good for something.

On a genuinely weird note: As I set the cordless handset back into its cradle, I noted that the phone cord was unplugged from the base.  My husband had unplugged it again after he hung up from talking with the mega-bank.  Feeling a little Twilight-zone uneasiness that comes with unexplained communication from the unwanted.


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