Due to a series of unfortunate events, my family is soon to be leaving our home of 11 years and are in the process of looking for a house to rent.  Enter Craigslist, the haven for all things through which money can be exchanged without charging for listing privileges.  

After a week of scouring the available houses for rent in our area, I’d sent responses to a half dozen ads and was surprised to not hear back very quickly.  Then, magically, all of the listings I’d been awaiting a response from suddenly chose late last night to respond to my requests for information and a viewing.  

Even more magically, each and every one of the property ‘owners’ are on missions to Africa!  What are the odds?

So here’s where I get preachy for a moment:  Our parents always quoted the old adage: If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. I don’t know what the solution to our housing crisis is, but I do know that I will no longer be looking for rentals on Craigslist.  There is a good site for more information on rental scams that can be found here:


Wish us luck…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


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